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Potential Household Dangers

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You try to protect your family from the dangers of the world, but are you aware of the potential threats of items in your home? From appliances to electronics, many everyday items can present danger to you and your family.

The Dryer. This is an item that gets used frequently. Protect yourself against the risk of fire by making sure the machine is clean of lint. This means checking the lint screen often, as well as cleaning out the vent pipe that extends from the dryer to the outside.

Water Supply Lines. You likely have at least a couple items in your home connected to a water supply line. Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, and water heaters all pose a risk. Make sure you are properly maintaining these items and checking connections to avoid a mess.

Electronics. The more items we acquire that are powered by electricity, the more we need to be aware of electrical safety. Inspecting wiring before using a device and being careful not to overload the circuit can help.

It is important to remain vigilant about the items in our homes. While many of these items are unavoidable, that doesn’t mean the risks associated with them cannot be avoided. Educate yourself and be aware of any product safety recalls that may affect you. To learn more about some of the risks and how to protect against them, visit our Acuity Focus blog.

— Acuity and RICK JOHNSON INSURANCE AGENCY INC, Your Personal Insurance Team

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